Born from a family's shared passion for animals, CLOVERBAST'COON was founded in 2022 following a long-held dream.

From our dream to reality, years have passed and it was only in 2020 that we were able to adopt Reskiou, our first Black Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon, whom we fell in love with immediately.

That's why we want to share this feeling with as many people as possible.

How did we come up with the name for our cattery?


Since my grandfather's passing, my garden has been overrun with four-leaf clovers... he loved them, and since my childhood, we were always on the lookout for them. Naturally, I wanted to pay homage to him.

BAST = buBASTis and BASTet

Bubastis was a city in Egypt where cats were worshipped. Bastet is the goddess of beauty and fertility, often depicted with a cat's head.
Who are we?
Professional and family breeding of LOOF registered Maine Coon breed in the North (59)

SIRET: 914 699 392 00017 ACACED : 2023/3d9f-6692

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Where are we?

7 rue de la linière
Wambrechies, 59118

Opening hours
7d / 7
0900 am - 0800 pm

(+33) 6 73 40 74 19

So, I was really happy to come across a breeder with so much patience to answer all my questions... She was available, attentive, just the best, really. Thank you so much.

Shanna Delecourt

Top-notch breeder! She answers all questions, truly helps and reassures! You can trust her with your eyes closed!

Adeline Sheurer

Clover's reviews
Super welcoming and warm A great breeder who listens to her kittens and adopters Provides excellent advice Cats raised in a family environment I highly recommend her.

Alina Avril

Very professional individual. Top-notch. Highly recommend without hesitation.

Mélanie Petit

Very reputable breeding, trustworthy and passionate individual. I highly recommend.

Natacha Carree